Quotes from #Bett2023 – Attending the biggest #edtech show in the world – the BETT Show in London, is an educational and inspiring event. Bett  brings together over thirty thousand Educators from across the entire education landscape and 600+ innovative EdTech and resource solution providers showcasing cutting-edge and impactful products and services. From global tech companies to renowned education brands to startups.

As I listened to lots of panellists I made notes of quotes that I heard which I feel we should all dwell on and consider.  Perhaps even debate a few. What do you think?  Do any resonate with you?  Did you leave #Bett2023 with any quotes you would like to share?

Read on!

  • The way we are learning is changing, because the environment is changing
  • We need to close the gap between learners and educators. 
  • We need to consider how learners are learning across subjects as opposed to narrow learning.  We need to have tech across all subjects
  • Education is all about relationships
  • Calculators didn’t end Mathematics, So why should Artificial Intelligence/Chat GPT end our professions
  • Make students the creators not the seekers!  Job Creators not Job Seekers
  • No nation can rise above the level of its teachers


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