With a flair for educating and informing others, I have produced some work through the medium of published books for adults and children, education podcasts and educational video. Please browse the examples below and get in touch today to see how we can work together.

On my entrepreneurial journey, one of the things I whole heatedly believe in is a personal learning network.  Each month, I chat to various colleagues.  On one occasion, we recorded our chat, and eventually this has grown into a podcast/vodcast – Tech Journey Insights.  Myself and co-host Rebecca Franks – share what is grabbing our attention in the world of tech, our thoughts, education perspectives and what we learn at women working in tech. Available on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

During the pandemic of 2020, I reflected and realised since my university days decades ago, the same problem has existed with a lack of diversity in the tech industry and STEM sector.  Being a woman in tech and from an under-represented group, I took up a personal challenge to address this inequality – and created a childrens book series –  The Digital Adventures of Ava and Chip 

I am no stranger to a podcast.  I was a guest on Queens of Tech podcast hosted by Jasmine Moradi.  The series is about raising the voice of workplace role models – 60+ questions in around 30 minutes with female influencers about their journey into STEM. Available on Spotify, AppleMusic and YouTube

Based upon my 14 years of experience within the classroom.  Computer Science Teacher – insight into the computing classroom (2017) was written to attract new entrants into the teaching profession and specifically to gain understanding of what it is like to teach Computing/Computer Science in the secondary classroom.  Readers gain practical advice, hints and tips to start a career as a secondary teacher of Computing

I believe that to make computing and technology relatable it needs to be linked to everyday activity that is easily understood.  As part of the Active Minds…Active Bodies series created by Computing at School (CAS) during the pandemic I filmed two videos to explain how everyday activities such as cooking and doing the recycling can feature computing concepts.

The videos are designed for parents and children to use as part of home-learning or within a classroom setting.

I have also been a guest on the Hello World podcast series sharing my experience and opinions on – What does equity have to do with Computing.

During my time as National Manager at Computing at School (CAS) – I also co-created the CAS Inspire podcast series and was one of the hosts.  The series was created to shine a light on inspirational teachers within the Computing education community.

At the start of the new Computing curriculum being introduced for use in England.  I assisted in promoting the new curriculum by recording a video at my then school for the Department for Education.