A snapshot of my portfolio career.  I am an experienced education consultant and subject matter expert in computer science/computing. With a strong background in the education sector. I have worked for and with a wide variety of clients.  My work has seen me authoring – writing books for adults and children, educational blogging, giving inspirational career and technology talks, along with curriculum design, writing and delivering CPD.  I am a career changer from the corporate IT sector to the education sector, I bring unique insight to all work and am able to bridge the gap between education and industry.

I am here to help you with a personalised solution. My work on  Artificial Intelligence has helped to demystify this topic for thousands of students worldwide. Other examples are CPD material on areas such as Climate Change.

I consider myself a talented resource writer. My work engages and inspires readers.  Examples are available on the Thinkific and Udemy platforms. You will also find me on podcasts talking about my work and technology.

I am able to advise on trends and have worked in a number of advisory positions such as on the BETT advisory board and as a competition judge for TechSheCan. I also work as a ghost reviewer and consultant for CPD materials and books. 

Combining my years of experience, I also work as a coach and mentor. Providing individual and organisational coaching to a variety of clients.

With 4 published books and more to come.  I have established myself as an author for both adult and child audiences.  I also regularly contribute articles to many publications and blogs.

I am sought after for speaking engagements and workshop delivery, I always ask my audiences to consider the impact of technology on themselves, communities and society, along with sharing insights and stories from my experiences with tech.

Further examples of my portfolio work are listed below:  Please get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

partnering with businesses/clients/organisations on a variety of projects