Diary of a portfolio career

Quarter 1 of 2023. Last year, I set myself a personal target of working for myself and expanding my businesses. I thought what could I achieve if I just focused. My questions to myself were:

What do you wish to do? How will you do that? What do you need to get there? I was able to focus my career direction into 3 areas:

  • Education Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Authoring

These are umbrella terms and they have a lot more under them. Once I had clarity then the work could begin. Being an entrepreneur is not a task for the faint hearted. It is a risk, a challenge and also very exciting! Each quarter I will share a few highlights with you in my “Quarterly Review”



  • Delivered a Keynote for UPNorth conference
  • Attended Small Business Sunday Winners Event
  • Worked with Devon Hub to engage teachers across the South West
  • Started coaching groups of professionals
  • Upskilled on courses with STEM Learning
  • Worked with numerous clients on resources for education

How can I help you?

Get in touch with me for your education consulting, coaching or authoring requirements.

What am I still seeking?