Personal Growth Journey. Growth through new experiences. This was the highlight of my week last week.  As a coach, I practice what I preach.  Last week, I tried two things I had never done before.  The reasons I had not tried them before were due to fear, I was scared of loosing control, what would happen if the activity went wrong, would I embarrass myself in front of others, would I hurt myself? 

Trying new activities

What were these activities you ask? The first was quad biking.  I was the only woman in the group and was put in the line first.  I did ask to go last! But first it was!  I completed the practice track without any drama.  But my heart was pounding.  After the practice track, I was asked if I wanted to continue…I said yes – I wanted to complete the activity and try the other tracks! The others were asked if they wanted to go faster…they said yes.  So the group was split. I had an instructor all to myself. 

Life is not a race

Importantly here, I was not in a race.  I completed the hills, turns, twists and did not come off the track, embarrass or hurt myself.  Not the same could be said for the other group…there were a few mishaps.  The lesson learnt here is go at your pace.  I was very proud of myself.

Images of Beverly Clarke Quad Biking and riding a Segway

Gaining confidence

The next activity I completed was riding a segway.  I had all the previous fears and concerns.  This time I was second up around the practice track.  Guess what…the confidence I had gained from the quad biking, helped me here. Within a couple of minutes, I had “mastered” the segway. I completed all tracks and off roading activity, I even asked the instructor what was the maximum speed and could we go faster.  Faster I went. When the activity came to an end, I honestly could have done it all again.

Learning new skills

In trying these two new experiences I grew. I had conquered fear and learnt new skills, as very different techniques are required for quad biking and segways.  I had also discovered new muscles after the quad biking…as my thighs and shoulders were a bit achy for a few days afterward.

Conquering fear

There were a few things I did to help manage my fear, I addressed my breathing – I breathed deeply and did not panic breathe. Next I told myself I could do this.  When the tiny voice of doubt crept into my mind, I said shush and forged ahead. These were my techniques for managing, they worked.

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