How tech transforms Christmas – the 2023 festive season may just be the year that we call – the year of the #digitalChristmas, in much the same way as the London 2012 Olympics was described as the first digital Olympics due to the use of social media and technology.

In the ever evolving landscape of tech, festive celebrations are embracing a wave of innovative tech that is enhancing the festive season. I have observed technology being used more mainstream and in marketing this festive season. In this article I’m going to dive in with a few examples that I have noted. I would love it if you would share some of yours!

Image showing a Lindt Augmented Reality Calendar and a Jo Malone Gingerbreadman

A bit about me

Before we go any further, you may ask – who is the author? My name is Beverly and I am an education consultant, coach, author and speaker. I have developed a portfolio career encompassing many other areas. I’m a top woman in tech. My daily curiosity around technology leads me to explore lots of new trends. There is more about me toward the end of this article and I hope you reach out with any amazing opportunities that you may have

Tech in Action at Christmas Time

Let’s talk festivities! Here are some of the examples I have seen:

  • Augmented reality being used with Lindt advent calendars to bring the Lindt teddy to life within twenty four augmented reality Christmas adventures.
  • Generative AI being used in Greeting cards. MoonPig are using this tech to generate messages in cards this year
  • Holoportation being used by top lifestyle and fragrance brand Jo Malone. I experienced this at their GLIDE pop up gingerbread house in Battersea recently.  Great fun for all the family.
  • Tech gifts such as the recently released Meta smart glasses from, high end sunglass brand RayBan in collaboration with Meta View, as a luxury purchase
  • Augmented Reality Wrapping Paper to bring the characters on the paper to life, for even more #festive excitement

Also, within our homes, there is more tech as our homes become smarter.  We are creating Christmas playlists using tools such as Spotify and enjoying tunes through our smart devices. Some of us also have smart lighting, where we can change the lights and create a different mood within our homes, perhaps with a festive glow.

I feel this really is a #digitalChristmas, not forgetting all the sharing that we are able to do online, via different social media apps and through devices.

Then there are also Ecards which have been around for quite a while now. Some of my friends do send E cards in preference over traditional paper cards, but for me I do prefer the physical card which I can put up at home as opposed to an Ecard.

Ideas to transform the festive experience

With so much visible, I also did an online search for ideas to transform Christmas to a more digital experience. I have come across:

  • Virtual Santa visits and experiences, whereby through using apps and online platforms children are able to have an interactive experience with Santa Claus. Thus bridging the gap of physical distance between where you are and where Santa lives!
  • Online Caroline communities using collaborative platforms. People from around the world can come together and sing festive tunes. I first tried this with a local church during the pandemic when I was unable to attend a Christmas service, it gave mixed results… but I was glad I was able to engage at a time when I was unable to! I suspect this is the same now. My preference is for an in person carolling experience, however, if this is not possible then a virtual experience provides access and inclusion.


Baking up a festive treat

At Christmas time, I’m a keen baker and supply all of the festive desserts for my wider family celebrations. I have a bookshelf full of battered recipe books stained with food and cake mixtures and the pages are stuck together. I enjoy this physical experience, however online recipes have really taken off this year with people being able to share, watch videos and interact with others around a recipe.  I have started delving into this and it is a lovely extension to my cooking and baking experiences. For now, I will however be keeping my battered cookbooks.

As I spoke with friends about this article, some have also mentioned attending light displays that use drones. These shows are dynamic and synchronised shows, choreographed to give rise to mesmerising displays and breath taking scenes.

Tech Fun and Activities

Are you feeling curious about the world of tech and it’s #digitalChristmas link? On my twitter feed and the social media feed for my children’s book series, The Digital adventures of Ava and Chip, this year I am running tech inspired activities for followers. Why not check them out and let me know what else you would add.

Tech Issues with #digitalChristmas

Let’s get serious for a bit.  With #digitalChristmas around us,  I put my educator hat and that of being a trustee for a leading national charity with an initiative around commitment to ending digital poverty by 2030. I considered a few things:

  • What happens to those people who do not have access? How do we bridge this aspect of the digital divide?
  • Is there consideration for people lacking with #digitalliteracy – How are they being included in this digital revolution in terms of usage and also keeping themselves safe when interacting online
  • Where are the conversations taking place at home with children to help them to question the use and deployment of technology – this of course is where my children’s book series The Digital Adventures of Ava and Chip comes into play, please do check it out!
  • The amount of energy being used by data centres to fuel our tech needs and the impact upon the environment. Alongside the amount of Ewaste being produced.

Alongside the fun of what I am calling #digitalChristmas these matters, I feel are important considerations.

I would love to hear your thoughts on a digitally inspired Christmas. Have a great #Christmas2023

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