Black Female Voices in Tech

GTA Black Women in Tech Festival - Beverly Clarke

Black Female Voices in tech, were celebrated last month as part of Black History Month. The setting was the GTA Black Women in Tech Festival.  Let me take share this great event with you that I was privileged enough to attend. The GTA Black Women in Tech celebration takes places around the ‘The Voices in […]

Black History Month 2023

As we celebrate #BlackHistoryMonth this October, I am sharing my journey of finding out my own ancestry.  A few years ago I turned 50, this also coincided with me being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition.  The condition is hereditary, yet no one in my family knew of any ancestors who had Graves Thyroid Disease. I […]

Black History Month 2023

This “Black History Month” I am shining a light on “Black Women in Tech”. Technology is impacting upon all of our lives.  However, the names of black women in tech are still not universal, despite many great contributions. Black women have been historically overlooked and underrepresented in the STEM sector.  Current statistics show that black […]