Beyond Paintings and Pictures.  The world of art is changing! Generative artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm. It is now possible to convert text into images. This creates a new level of creativity not previously seen.

As someone who is not gifted with an artistic streak in terms of painting, I have been very pleased to create imagery just by typing into generative AI software.

I have also been intrigued by new exhibitions featuring generative AI. So I visited the Dali Cybernetics exhibition in London this April. Billed as the most engaging metaverse exhibition.

It was indeed a learning experience! at the exhibition I learned that Dali experimented with areas such as holographic and cybernetics.  He was also very interested in computers and pixels – this is going back to 1928. His love of technology saw him predict and state that computers were the future! Dali worked with computer scientists and I quote from the exhibition  – “he took an interest in digital simulations pixels and binary codes this allowed him to experiment with new ways of perceiving and representing”.

Dali believed and stated on many occasions that painting would be cybernetic. What is cybernetic you may ask, well it is – the science of communications and automatic control systems in both machines and living things.  It seems unbelievable that he stated this, however, it is starting to be a reality with AI generated art.

At the exhibition I was also able to participate and create digital art. Then I sat for a while in a gallery and one of the displays was a fully immersive experience in which everything that I saw had been generated by studying works of Dali, and artificial intelligence had been used to bring everything in the gallery to life! So think of “Elephants” one of the best known pieces of Dali’s surrealist work, they were brought to life, along with “bread” all floating around us.  I then entered the Dalian metaverse which (and I quote) “is a collective virtual reality experience where the visitor interacts with constantly evolving digital within a constantly evolving digital space. I donned  a VR headset and had an amazing experience seeing more works brought to life.

AI generated art at the Dali Cybernetics experience
AI generated art at the Dali Cybernetics experience - photo taken by Beverly Clarke

As an educator I would encourage you to read about Salvador Dali and his interest in technology alongside learning about Artificial Intelligence generated imagery, this will help to contribute to a high quality STEM experience for your learners. Below are some sites which can assist:

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(All images in this article have been created through Artificial Intelligence)

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