Artificial Intelligence in Everyday LIFE!

Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Life! Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm.  But, how equipped and empowered are you to understand and talk at Artificial Intelligence? Also known as AI? Well I am here to demystify AI for you.  As a former teacher, I have written a non-technical course for you.  Using a coaching […]

We Will Rock You

We Will Rock You, have you heard of it? Twenty one years ago, this was a top British musical, featuring the music of rock group Queen. For many years as a young woman, as I went into London on a night out, I would alight at Tottenham Court Road station and see the Dominion Theatre […]

Beyond Paintings and Pictures

Beyond Painting and Pictures - creating art through artificial intelligence

Beyond Paintings and Pictures.  The world of art is changing! Generative artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm. It is now possible to convert text into images. This creates a new level of creativity not previously seen. As someone who is not gifted with an artistic streak in terms of painting, I have been […]