Top Life Coaching Voice

My journey to a LinkedIN Top Life Coaching Voice Badge, started a long time ago.   

We will pick up my journey in 1993, when I had an industrial placement with the Metropolitan Police, as part of my degree. This provided me with rich experiences. I had started training staff to use systems and developed my skills for getting the best out of others, working across areas such as diplomatic services and territorial operations.

Developing my skills

Let’s move a bit further along my coaching journey to the the late 1990s when I started working for IT consulting company Capgemini. At Capgemini, I gained experience in different roles including managing help desks and teams, along with working in second and third line support.

In the early 2000s I changed career into the education sector and brought with me transferable skills such as leading and managing. In education, I have guided and supported children in my care, to achieve their very best.  Additionally, I have coached and mentored trainee teachers, teaching support assistants and other educators at different points in their career journeys.

Fast forward quite a few years, I also found my coaching and mentoring skills coming into play when successfully leading and managing computing education in the southwest region of the UK and then replicating the same nationally.

Others saw my skills

I hadn’t noticed my own abilities in coaching and mentoring! In fact, it was others that noticed these first of all.  I was being interviewed for a publication, and the interviewer asked, “Do you coach and mentor?, they had enjoyed my story and had personally gained from the conversation.

Upon reflection I realised that I was really good at supporting friends and others through different experiences in their personal lives

Combining these experiences I felt it timely to formalise this expertise with a qualification and to add this as another strand to my Portfolio career.  Hence Beverly Clarke the coach was born.

Through sharing my experiences and insights on LinkedIn, I have gained two top voice badges one for Life Coaching and the other for Coaching and Mentoring. The LinkedIN algorithms had also recognised my strength! And invited me to participate. I also regularly share videos on the TikTok and Instagram platforms with daily coaching inspiration.

Coaching as a transferable skill

My style of work seamlessly incorporates coaching in everything that I do. Coaching is ever present, for example, another strand of my portfolio career sees me as a course instructor and resource writer. You can see an example of my online courses over on the Udemy platform. Coaching skills come into play when teaching online and delivering courses.

I currently work with private clients and with organisations supporting staff at various stages in their career journeys.

Unlock your success today

If you are ready to unlock your success, please out to me today. More details of coaching are available here.  Plus seeing that you have read this far in the article,, there is a special offer for you of 20% off a 1 hour clarity session.  Just quote TAKE20 when you enquire with me. I look forward to working with you as either your personal or organisational coach or in another capacity within my portfolio career.

I will leave you with a few motivational steps

What can you achieve?

Let me know in the comments.