Inspiring the Future

Image showing the presenters at the inaugural Imagin8 event run by IT Services for Education company eduthing

Inspiring the Future: Reflections on Imagin8 – 2024 A day of keynotes, topics covering artificial intelligence, robotics, AR/VR, Healthcare, Role Models and More!  The scene was set for Imagin8 – 2024.  An offering from IT Services for Education company – Eduthing – who offer all schools that they support added value! Why Imagin8? A combination […]

Tips for Aspiring Authors

Tip for Aspiring Authors! Are you dreaming of becoming a published author while excelling in your professional career? Writing a book can be a transformative journey that not only enhances your credibility and visibility but also allows you to share your expertise and passion with the world. As someone who has developed a portfolio career, […]

The Power of Networking

The Power of Networking – Making Connections Developing your professional networks and making connections is the topic of one of my popular talks.  How does this work in practice and what are the benefits? Let me take you back to March 2023, I had a meeting with @eduthingltd (a company that supplies IT Services for […]

Diary of a Portfolio Career

Diary of a Portfolio career.  Quarter 4 – The final quarter of 2023.  One year ago, I set myself a challenge! The overarching theme was, to see what I could achieve working for yourself solidly for one year. I am pleased to say it has been a great year, and I have learnt ALOT! Join […]

How Tech Transforms Christmas

Image showing a Lindt Augmented Reality Calendar and a Jo Malone Gingerbreadman

How tech transforms Christmas – the 2023 festive season may just be the year that we call – the year of the #digitalChristmas, in much the same way as the London 2012 Olympics was described as the first digital Olympics due to the use of social media and technology. In the ever evolving landscape of […]

Black Female Voices in Tech

GTA Black Women in Tech Festival - Beverly Clarke

Black Female Voices in tech, were celebrated last month as part of Black History Month. The setting was the GTA Black Women in Tech Festival.  Let me take share this great event with you that I was privileged enough to attend. The GTA Black Women in Tech celebration takes places around the ‘The Voices in […]

Steven Bartlett’s Wisdom

Steven Bartlett Keynote at Karren Brady Women in Tech event

In a world where technology is changing our lives daily, the need for diversity and inclusion becomes greater every day.  This week I attended day two of the Karren Brady Women in Tech event at the Excel centre in London Docklands. This event is an industry hiring event for women seeking to develop and progress […]

Diary of a Portfolio Career

Diary of Beverly Clarke's portfolio career - Quarter 3 2023

Diary of a Portfolio career.  Quarter 3 of 2023.  Another three months have gone by very quickly. We are now less than 100 days away from the end of the year! Before, we get into my highlights of Q3, here is a bit about me. I have developed and continue to develop a portfolio career, which […]

Diary of a Portfolio Career

Diary of a Portfolio career.  Quarter 2 of 2023.  The last three months have gone by very quickly.  In this second quarter, I share a few more highlights and a peak into the diary of building a portfolio career.  Here goes! April 2023 Participated in a fireside chat for The Digital Poverty Alliance, which is […]

Diary of a Portfolio Career

Diary of a portfolio career Quarter 1 of 2023. Last year, I set myself a personal target of working for myself and expanding my businesses. I thought what could I achieve if I just focused. My questions to myself were: What do you wish to do? How will you do that? What do you need to get […]